How accurate is your digital proof?

Our art proofs let you get a good look at how your item will actually turn out, but we can't perfectly simulate screen printing. First of all, every computer monitor displays colors a little differently, [...]

How high should the resolution or DPI be?

The resolution should be 300dpi or higher and be sized at or near 13" wide x 15" tall for best results. We can use images with a lower resolution, but with less than desirable results. [...]

Are there any restrictions on artwork?

We will (at our discretion) reject any design or part of a design that it deems illegal, immoral, or in anyway inappropriate for us to produce. Using this site implies consent to the following terms: [...]

What can I submit for artwork?

If you have images (gif, jpg, png), they must be high-quality (200-300 dpi). Most art will most likely require us to spend some time on it making it work for t-shirts (design fees will apply). [...]