What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing (also called silk screening) is an excellent method for creating versatile images on all types of garments and fabric goods. Silk screening produces bright, vibrant colors and gives a good-looking opaque image on either dark or light colored goods. It is the most efficient way to print a large volume of shirts at an affordable price.

In our shop, Up to 7 solid colors can be printed, or a full-color process screen print provides the illusion of unlimited tones and colors. Our standard print size is 14” wide by 16″ tall.

Our screen printing minimums start at 12 pieces per design, but can be printed on any number of different garments. We don’t charge setup fees or screen charges.

Do you have a shirt designer?

No, we don’t provide the capability of designing your own shirt on our website.  After having a shirt designer on our site for multiple years, we were never quite thrilled about the quality of the designs produced.  We want every shirt that rolls out of our shop to beg the question, “Where did you get that?”  If you hired a painter to create a beautiful work of art, you wouldn’t take the brush away from them.  Let’s face it – we’re shirt creators.  It’s what we do.  Trust us when we say, you’ll be much better off letting us design your shirt for you.

Can I provide my own art for screen printing?

Absolutely.  If you’re a graphic designer and know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, you know how to create good art.  So send it our way, and we’ll make it into great shirts.

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